Testimonials: What Our Customers Have to Say:

We couldn’t ask for a better VIP experience, hiring your las vegas area 51 VIP division was the best decision I could have made when planning my bachelorette party, thank you so much for everything and don’t forget to send the pictures our host took… 
Mary – Ft.
I couldn’t imagine experiencing Las Vegas without you guys. We really did see everything and so much time was saved by having everything planned ahead of time. I know they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… but I would be honored to have my email posted on your reference page.
~ Ryan –
I knew I had picked the right company as soon as we met our VIP host, I’m just really good at reading people and boy was I right….. I hope my wedding planner can live up to your example, unfortunately we’re not getting married in Vegas, but if we were, you know who would be planning our after-after party
~ Julie –
I was really impressed with how well connected all your VIP hosts were… It was the ultimate in VIP and we skipped every line in Vegas… my boys were all thoroughly impressed the next day and the fact that they even remembered the experience the night before really proves something.
I still don’t understand, I am totally addicted to your services…. I could never experience Las Vegas again… any other way. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
~ Sebastian – New York, NY
Basically it went like this… The hottest guys at Olympic Gardens totally VIP and lap dances,  then they took our bachelorette on stage and put on quite the show… there it was a super stretch 25 passenger SUV limousine with all these flat screen T.V.’s mounted on the ceiling and to accompany us was our  totally gorgeous VIP host, we pulled up to the new Wynn Hotel and Casino and got a round of free drinks at Lure then headed to the major nightclub Tryst which was the most beautiful nightclub any of us girls had EVER seen. They has a giant waterfall falling into a lake it was like a really classy splash mountain. The nightclub even has a stripper pole that we basically took advantage of. I am so impressed and thankful to your entire team, especially Holly, John and Trevor. 
~ Carol –