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Las Vegas stagette

Las Vegas Stagette Party


When a woman is going through the most important event in her life, it’s important for her to have little cackle of chickadees to turn to when things get rough. It is also these same gals that are in charge of ensuring the bride enjoy one last night of uninhibited freedom. Though the city of Las Vegas has become the stereotypical location for a hen to go for her stagette party, the experience never seems to grow old. Even if you’ve been to this city of sin a countless amount of times, chances are you aren’t going to complain when your Maid of Honor (or gal in charge of the planning) comes forward with the plan to paint the town pink and white. In Las Vegas, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect hen party.

Las Vegas stagette party

When you’re planning for your bride’s night out, it is utterly important to know exactly who you’re planning for. Chances are you’ve known this person for a good portion of their life, so planning their stagette party should be a fairly big piece of cake. As you are probably already aware, the first thing you want to take into consideration is where the event is going to take place. Since as far back as anyone can remember, the Las Vegas nightclub has been the perfect staging area for a hen party. Once you get your bride through the velvet ropes, you can feed her shots till she’s dancing provocatively atop a neighboring table of men. Of course, the trickiest part of this stagette party is going to be actually getting through those coveted ropes – this is Vegas, and the most popular of nightclubs are usually home to long lines. While clubs like Tao and Marquee may be amongst the bride’s favorites, their popularity shows at the door. Don’t risk wasting the night in line – if you’re planning on going to a club, buy bachelorette VIP packages that grant immediate access.

Las Vegas stagette weekend

If it turns out that you can’t make it past the doorman, or if your bride-to-be wants a wilder experience, you can always turn your attention to one of the many strip clubs lining Las Vegas’ downtown streets. Though strip clubs are thought to be seedy and grimy, those inhabiting the Las Vegas Valley range from moderately nice to spectacular. Give your bride exactly what she wants for her hen party and pay for a round of lap dances ahead of time. Male reviews are common amongst strip clubs made predominately of women and are usually accompanied by drink specials. Round the night off with a VIP booth or private room and give your bride the perfect send off to the married life.

Las Vegas stagette

In the city of entertainment, it is almost impossible to not have a successful stagette party. In fact, you really have to try hard to ensure the bride-to-be has a miserable time. From strip clubs to night clubs, the entertainment is never ending and everything combined together rounds off a night of drunken fun. Check out this website.