Stag Party

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Las Vegas Stag Party

In the United States, the bachelor party is typically a one night event where the groom-to-be and several cohorts gather together to take part in an evening filled with varying forms of debauchery. From strippers to rivers of alcohol, the night usually ends with a hangover looming the next morning. Citizens of the United Kingdom seem to have a better handle on how to experience a lasting night without the pains of the morning before the wedding. In the UK, the bachelor party is better known as a stag party and typically encompasses a stretch of time, usually longer than an entire weekend.

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While the reasoning behind the stag party is the same, the process tends to be far more elaborate. Rather than cramming the party into one final night and risk the groom’s coherency for the wedding the next day, a stag party typically lasts more than one evening. While the stereotypical destination for a traveling bachelor party in the United States is Las Vegas, NV, a stag party is typically held in locations like Bournemouth, Cardiff, Nottingham, Blackpool, and London. Since the party lasts for more than one day, it’s also not uncommon for the party to either occur at several different locations or even out of the country. At the top of the most frequently visited locations for a stag party are Dublin, Riga, and Krakow. In Australia, the bachelor party takes on the name buck party and typically takes place shortly before the wedding itself.

Las Vegas stag party

The most common element of a stag party is the inclusion of a stripper. Whether the group takes a night out to go to a strip club or sets up a more private affair at one of the party-goers abodes, the stripper symbolizes the last woman the groom can ogle before leaving the single-life behind. While some grooms may be a little wary of the inclusion of a stripper, mostly for fear of getting caught, others may grab life by the horns and take every opportunity as it comes – no matter what the results may be. In Canada, cities like Niagra Falls and Vancouver act as popular bachelor party destinations due to the large number of strip clubs that allow for lap dances.

Las Vegas stag strip club fun

No matter where the party is being held, the basic concept behind the bachelor (or stag) party remains the same. Whether it’s a week long stag do through Europe, a weekend bachelor party in Vegas, or a day trip to Niagra Falls, celebrating the groom-to-be is the focal point of the party. Despite the differences between how each country currently handles the bachelor party, as with everything else regarding culture, ideas are being adopted and the way these parties are handled are changing. While a bachelor party in the States used to be better known for being a one night event, they are more frequently becoming weekend and weeklong excursions.