Las Vegas Security Guards

Our Las Vegas security guards are accessible for any event where additional security is permitted. Our security guards are responsible for guarding our guests from any possible dangers while out on the town. Although we would never take you anywhere near harm, these security guard are more for added status and to prevent any disturbances while vacationing or partying in Las Vegas.

Popular amongst celebrities our security guards spend day and  night with our clients enduring that they are not disturbed and spend time carefully planning the safest routes through nightclubs, shops, and other entertainment facilities ensuring complete safety.

Many times when a performer is making an appearance at a nightclub, added security is needed to enter the nightclub safely and securely without cutting through the general crowd. Our security guards can see that you enter the nightclub the back route and that all nightclub staff is well aware of any added security measures that will be taken through-out the evening. Our security guards are certified and ready to protect you and your group if you find this service necessary.

Las Vegas Bodyguard