Bachelorette Party


In the city of Las Vegas, there are few activities that don’t come with some scantily clad or half naked vixen. On the outside, Las Vegas looks like a blatant “man’s city”, with billboards sporting gorgeous ladies flashing their perfectly toned bodies. So where, than, would a gal go if she wanted to have her bachelorette party in this city of sin? Of course, gambling is always option number one, but not everybody is too keen on throwing money away without a guaranteed return. For those women looking for gender equality in the entertainment for their bachelorette party, the Rio is home to the infamous Chippendales Male Revue, which stands to rival some of Sin City’s most elaborate stage shows.

Chippendales The Chippendales stage show has been around since 1979, and in its near half a decade run, has yet to disappoint even one crowd of screaming, wanton women. What attracts most to Chippendales is not just the sinfully gorgeous men that bare their best in front of the large audience, but rather the style in which it is done. Chippendales is far form a cheap strip show, and its sure to blow any other male revue out of the water. With a fully choreographed routine and costumes that will fulfill any woman’s fantasy, Chippendales is easily the hottest male revue in the city.

With a stage donned by some of the most attractive men one could find in the continental United States, Chippendales has been the number 1 go to source for bachelorette entertainment since its 1979 creation. The moment this became a well known fact, packaged deals started to pop up all over the internet, offering an assortment of activities and entertainment for the perfect bachelorette party.

One such package includes a form of entertainment that few individuals would think of partaking in on their own. For any gal that’s been to a strip club and has felt a tinge of envy over the sensual moves the girls on stage could perform there is the Stripper 101 class that can be included. Just as it sounds, a Stripper 101 class teaches attendees the basics of pole dancing. “Students” will learn how to climb the pole and work it like a strip club vixen to impress the future groom.

With most packages, the bachelorette and her party will have the opportunity to ride in style with a limousine transfer to and from the Rio. After the show, the limo will transport the partiers to their next venue destination, which range from Sin City’s hottest nightclubs to the most tantalizing strip clubs on and off the Strip. Ranging from the basic stretch limousine to a flashy pink stretch SUV limo, the bachelorette is bound to feel like a celebrity. Not only is this a great convenience, but it also ensures that all women in the party will arrive safe at home.

Though best known for its attraction to bachelorettes, Chippendales has been a favorite amongst all women for almost 40 years. For the best Las Vegas experience, anybody looking for a good time should turn to a bachelorette party package that grants access to the Chippendales Male Revue and other of Sin City’s finest facets. Another good site to visit for your event is its truely a dedicated site offering A to Z information about how to plan your bachelorette party.