Las Vegas VIP Services

If time is of the essence, please fill in the Party Now form and one of our VIP Service consultants will contact you shortly. Contact us so we can go over our list of Las Vegas individual, group, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or corporate VIP options. Be sure to reserve your selected Las Vegas VIP reservations on our secure web server if they are still available.

  • Nightclub Line Passes
  • Nightclub Bottle Service Reservations
  • Nightclub Table Reservations
  • VIP Hosts for optimum nightclub access
  • Show Tickets
  • Limousine Transportation
  • Dinner Reservations or Packages
  • Golf Packages and Tee Times
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Gentlemen’s Clubs VIP Entry
  • Male Revue Shows
  • Live Entertainment
  • Bachelor Bachelorette Party Packages

Every person will pay their share, either credit card payment or cash is accepted payment methods. We will give 5% discount for the parties that were paid full in advanced. if you have questions please email us at

Las Vegas VIP Services


When one of our Las Vegas VIP Hosts take you out for a night on the town, they make sure your VIP event is put into motion without a flaw. Our catalog of VIP hosts is very extensive with photos and background information provided.

The hosts job is to work with nightclub management in granting you and / or your party VIP entrance and handling all limousine logistics and payment if requested. Your VIP hosts will cater to your every need, from nightclub access to concierge info.

Our VIP hosts are professional partiers and have seen all that Vegas has to offer. There is absolutely no judging allowed and everything that goes on is strictly confidential.

Our selection of VIP hosts are all well-known and recognized by the industry. In     looks, they maintain visually appealing, from beautiful and glamorous women, to the hunkiest stud in town. One thing is an even more important requirement, PERSONALITY!

VIP Host

All of our VIP hosts possess the most magnanimous personalities in Las Vegas. You’ll be leaving Las Vegas with a new best friend and will never want to experience Las Vegas another way. Truly sincere and as many describe REAL; our VIP hosts are kind and some of them are down right hilarious with an off-the-chart sense of humor.

Our VIP hosts come to work for us with extensive prior VIP hosting experience. Some of our VIP hosts have hosted well known celebrities such as Patti LaBelle, Jordan of New Found Glory, Alan Cumming, Chris Judd, the Cingular Karshner Triplets, Tiffany, Kristine W, etc.

Our VIP hosts have also represented key representatives from Warner Bros, Google, Ricky’s New York, General Electric, etc. They have also hosted many locals working in key positions for several key Las Vegas casinos and local businesses.

Top VIP hosts companies including, and offers VIP hosted packages as well as party girls to chaperon your party.