Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is known to be one of the best cities for Strip Clubs and adult entertainment. Millions of visitors come to Las Vegas every year looking to broaden their horizons with the exotic dancers and forbidden pleasures that we provide.

When partiers decide to come to Las Vegas for an evening of  excitement and pleasure, we are the tree from which to pick the forbidden fruit.  Las Vegas Area 51 VIP plans bachelor party and bachelorette parties, individual  outings, and private entertainment. Our special relationships with the strip clubs owners and management gives us the ability to offer some amazingly discounted and sometimes even free services. They are happy to create agreements with a company that has established a relationship and brings a steady flow of business.

Let us bring you through the back entrances where the stripper or entertainers enter, reserve a table, and take care of the planning and limousine reservations so you can focus on having     fun and not have to worry about a designated driver.

Vegas strip clubs strippers

If you’re in Las Vegas for any reason – be it a company conference, visiting friends and family, or partaking in a destination wedding – there are certain things that you must partake in to fully appreciate the city’s entertainment. Of course you’ll experience some ofSinCity’s fine dining, a boat load of gambling, and, if you’re visiting during the hotter months, at least one resort-styled pool, but you’d still be missing out. If you’re stepping foot inLas Vegas, no matter for how long, it is almost imperative that you partake in the pleasure of ogling some of the city’s hottest girls at any of the numerous strip clubs spread throughout.

While some cities are big on their fast foot restaurants,Las Vegasis that way with its strip clubs. There are so many within the city’s limits that it would take far longer than a week’s stay (and a whole lot of bread) to visit each location. If you can spare the time and the money, though, there are a few that are essential stopping points. Amongst those are Sapphire, Crazy Horse III, Treasures, and the Hustler Club. What separates these four from the rest of the city’s strip club fair is quality. Some clubs give off a seedy atmosphere and their working girls do little to alleviate the overall feel of the club. At a place like the aforementioned venues, not only is the club pristine and inviting, the girls are almost unrealistically gorgeous.

In terms of cover charges, you will typically spend the same amount no matter where you go (though Sapphire and Crazy Horse III offer no cover for locals with their own transportation). What usually differs, though, is what is included in that cover charge. Some locations will include one or two lap dances while others are just a flat entrance fee with no perks. Certain locations will offer VIP packages at the door, which come at a hefty cost but are usually complimented by the offerings of an open bar or access to the club’s VIP room. While topless is the norm for most ofLas Vegas’ strip clubs, there are a few that offer an array of fully nude hotties. The ladies at clubs like Little Darlings and Palomino bare all they have to show, with Palomino being the only all-nude club in Vegas to serve alcohol.

Every strip club in the area has its own form of private room. What comes with these private rooms, though, differs between each club. Where some will offer premium bottle services, another one may grant a free lap dance with each room rental. Most VIP rooms, though, are outfitted with a private stage and some form of viewing window of the main stage so you’re not completely separated from the rest of the club.

As previously stated, visiting a strip club while visitingLas Vegasis almost imperative. No matter where you decide to take a load of, chances are you’re not going to regret it. While some clubs may not be as favorable as others, the girls are typically always worth watching. Click here to read Bachelor Vegas’ A to Z guide of top Vegas strip clubs.