Las Vegas pool parties daylife

Las Vegas Pool Parties

When it gets to be around the 110 degree mark outside, the thought of partying in a sweltering nightclub may start to quickly loose its appeal. Even clubs with some form of terrace or balcony can’t offer the sweet relief of cool air after you’ve spent time crowded indoors. Only the cooling touch of climate controlled pool water can sooth the touch of the scorching desert sun. Las Vegas is home to some of the nicest resort pools in the United States, and the accompanying pool parties only help in boosting the appeal of these areas.

Las Vegas pool parties daylife

Any trip to Las Vegas requires several things: First, if you’re of age you must gamble at least once. Second, your taste buds must be treated to some of the fine cuisine choices in the city. Third, the cool water of a Las Vegas resort pool must wash over your skin. To make your life easier – and to condense your trip into one location – Las Vegas is home to some of the most elaborate pool parties in the country. Combining the best of the city into one party, you’ll easily be able to fulfill your food, gambling, and swimming requirements in one day.

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The bulk of the available Las Vegas pool parties are experiences that must be seen to be believed. Crowds of the cities most gorgeous locals and tourists gather together to enjoy the continuous stream of a heavy bass spun by the pools resident or special guest DJ. The abundant crowd comes at a cost, though, and the space surrounding the pool area tends to fill up quickly. In order to give the guests willing to drop a few extra bucks a place to lounge, these pool areas are typically equipped with full size cabanas that can come with amenities like an HD television to a waitress that will retrieve your beverage of choice from the bar.

Las Vegas pool cabanas

To understand the sheer size of a Las Vegas pool party, one should attend what has been named the largest pool party in the city. Every Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the hotel’s resort pool holds Rehab. Thousands of guests flock from near and far to partake in this massive affair and get some use out of the poolside table games, lazy river, and overall five-star experience. Rehab may not be the only pool party in town, but it certainly ranks as one of the best.

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If you’re going to make the trip out to the desert in the summer, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to attend one of these first rate parties. Alcohol, music, crisp water, the opposite sex – these parties have everything to make a good time. At the very least, you may even get the chance to catch a glimpse at one of todays hottest celebrities.