XS Las Vegas

XS Nightclub Las Vegas

The nightclub scene in Las Vegas is one that helps keep the city alive. If there’s any worry that the economy will ultimately lead to a decline in nightclub quality, than you’re just not paying attention to what’s out there. With overly extravagant nightclubs like Encore’s XS pulling in a nightly crowd that is constantly spilling out the club’s main entrance, there should be no question that Sin City’s nightclub scene will overcome any recession.

Over $100 million was put into the creation of Encore’s XS nightclub, and the moment you walk through the doors it’s rather evident. The theme of the venue is none other than that which casino-dwellers wish to strike – gold. From gold laced décor to gold plated nude molds of former female employees, Encore’s premier nightclub earns the XS moniker without even breaking a sweat.

Your entry into Encore’s XS is a welcoming one. With a 15 foot stretch of Encore’s gold plated beauties, you’re immediately clued in to what this overly extravagant location has in store for you. The gold theme snakes its way into the club, coating such objects as a 10-foot chandelier that rotates hypnotically over the club’s main dance floor. It’s under this opulent fixture that the club see’s most of its action as its patrons typically respond well to the musical mixture of top 40, hip-hop, and 80’s mashups. The 1,000-square foot dance floor may act as the central location for XS’ entertainment, but there’s so much this gold plated club has to offer.

As the sun sets around the Encore, the large outdoor pool area typically reserved solely for hotel guests opens up to patrons of XS. An array of cabanas open up for use by the, and those with rich enough tastes to spring for the nightclub’s bottle service will have the opportunity to lounge in the fresh desert air.

Back inside the club, those that spring for bottle service will be able to spend their night in the club’s gold embossed VIP booths. These interesting booths are made from crocodile skin and have been accented with gold embossing to make sure that XS flair shines through. With a bottle service, you will also have access to the Ono, a drink so rich that even Donald Trump may tremble at it. This $10,000 mixture of Dom Peringon Oenothèque champagne and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac is made all the more extravagant with a pair of sterling silver cufflinks and an 18k white-gold chain decorated with a black pearl pendant. Each piece of accompanying jewelry is decorated in the XS logo, so there’s no chance you’ll forget those little gems came from.

If there’s any indication that Steve Wynn spares no expense on his projects, the XS nightclub is it. With enough gold plating to make Fort Knox blush, XS is at the top of Las Vegas’ most extravagant locations – and with a constant line out the main door, its popularity is absolutely no secret.