If you find yourself looking in the mirror every few minutes to admire your own facial features, then the Hard Rock Hotel and Resort is the perfect place for you to party. Nestled within the music-infused walls of this fine establishment is a venue that welcomes those with a little bit of a vain personality. Incorporating every aspect of the typical Rock and Roll lifestyle into one location is the aptly named Vanity, where each patron that walks through its doors is the center of attention.

When you first walk into Vanity, your eyes are going to be treated to a sight that resembles something more of a Christmas decoration. Imbued with approximately 20,000 LED lights is a light fixture that stretches from the floor to the ceiling. At its peak, the fixture fans out over the dance floor, acting as the central source of light for those grooving the night away. Once you get past this monstrosity of powerful white lighting, you can get back to letting the focus fall back on you.

Sometimes nightclubs get their names for reasons other than it fitting the theme, but Vanity received its name strictly for its ability to put you in the spotlight. Everywhere you look you’ll see a reminder of your own presence, whether it be your shadow dancing on the wall or your reflection staring back at you in the mirrored drink menus. To put it lightly, Vanity is not a place for people that loath themselves.

If you just can’t get enough of yourself, you should take kindly to the elevated platform set directly in front of the DJ booth. Putting you as the center of attention, you’ll be able to show off the entirety of your impressive dance moves that you’ve been practicing in front of your mirror at home. Even the VIP booths are placed to let those sitting in them remain the center of the club’s attention. Lining the dance floor and main bar, these booths keep you in the midst of all the action – and seeing as how these booths are typically home to celebrity guests, you’ll feel eyes fall on you quite a bit during the evening.

If you can get up the willpower to look past yourself, you’ll realize that Vanity really is a gorgeous club. Its reddish tones mesh well with the elegant furniture to give the club a more high-end look. With a staff that is both attentive and friendly – especially the bathroom staff that is available to fix any hair trauma that arises throughout the evening – Vanity is a club that knows who the most important aspect of their business is. You’ll be hard pressed to find a club that is as attentive to its patrons – and whose patrons are as attentive to themselves. At Vanity, it’s hard not to fall in love with yourself.

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