Drai’s Las Vegas

  • Official Website: DraisLasVegas.com
  • Hours of operation: Open Thursday-Sunday, 1 a.m. to dawn.
  • Cover price: $30 for men; $20 for women.
  • Location:  Bills Gambling Hall
  • Music: Deep house and trance. Hip-hop in a separate room.
  • Attire: Proper attire required. Described as upscale casual All clothing must be clean     and neat. No baggy pants, hooded shirts or athletic wear.
  • Parking: Garage parking and hotel valet.
One of the first successful after hours nightclubs in Las Vegas.     Owned by late night mogul Victor Drai who is also part owner of     the new Wynn casino nightclub, XS, Surrender and Tryst.

Drais Las Vegas Nightclub is an incredible underground after hours party that has set the Las Vegas late night trend. As you follow the stairs down into the basement of the Bill’s Gambling Hall, you find yourself questioning reality as the most amazing beats are being played by their resident DJ. Several rooms make up this underground asylum. The first room is decorated in the style of an elegant library filled with books, paintings. and even mixed in family photos of the nightclubs employees. This area, considered the VIP area, is known to carry some of the most influential nightlife representatives currently working in the nightlife industry. It’s dark red walls and leopard print couches truly bring the animal found within…. out to play.

Evian water is commonly found spread amongst the VIP tables as clubbers quench their thirst before returning to the filled dance floor. The outside of the nightclub features two entrances, a steel elevator door for VIP’s and a stairway for general admission. The line setup is designed so a huge gathering is created and the VIP host merely selects the groups that are allowed to enter the nightclub. Drais happens to be very selective due to the limited amount of space found in the underground oasis. Beautiful paintings, beautiful people, and hot music! Come to Drais Las Vegas and you will surely be taken away.


Tables all over     the dance floor, room three and the library. There is no where     else to sit other than VIP tables. Private sections decorated     with dark red walls, mysterious french paintings, & leopard printed booths.

drais nightclub Las Vegas