1 OAK Nightclub bottle service

1 OAK Las Vegas

  • Hours of operation: Friday and Saturday, 10:30 p.m. – 4 a.m.
  • Location: 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Music: Hip-hop, Top 40, electronic and mash-ups.
  • Attire: Trendy nightlife attire.
  • Occupancy: 1,581.

In the most recent of years, there has been a surplus of new nightclubs springing up and down the Las  Vegasstrip. Each one brings its own flair to the table and follows a theme that tries to separate it from the rest. Sometimes, these new nightclubs are far removed from the usual “bump ‘n grind” powerhouses that have grown to be aSinCitystaple. Amongst these newer, somewhat surprising locals is a reimaging of aNew York Cityfavorite – 1 OAK (1 of a Kind). With the newLas Vegaslocation, the name is more than just a title, it’s a true statement of the club’s personality.

1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

Rather than relying on the flashy showmanship that has grown to be a popular staple in the Las Vegas nightlife scene, the crew behind 1OAK Las Vegas utilized an air of sophistication and class in the creation of this lounge-esque venue. A mix of dark tones create an intimate atmosphere once you walk through 1OAK’s doors, already separating this self proclaimed solitary club from the rest of the mix. Giving 1OAK its true feel is the expertly chosen décor that accents the club. Paintings from renowned artist Roy Nachum adorn 1OAK’s walls in a polished brass frame that only works to accentuate both the painting it holds and the urbane feel of the club.

The Mirage’s 1 of a Kind may bleed class, but at its heart it is still a nightclub. The house DJ works his magic to fill the 16,000-square-foot space with a mix of Top 40, electronic, and hip hop music without the risk of damaging eardrums. 1OAK is typically a two-room venue, each with their own lighting and sound set-up; but when the occasion calls for expansive space (i.e. during special events or busy nights), the division can be dropped and the different spaces can be combined into one large space. Whether divided in two or standing as one big room, guests at either side of the moderately sized club will have convenient access to one of 1OAK’s two high-end bars. 1OAK’s class doesn’t stop with just décor – the drink menu resembles one you’d expect to see at only the classiest of five star restaurants.

1 OAK Nightclub bottle service

There is little to complain about when you are given the chance to experience relaxation in one of the club’s overly plush leather chairs and actually be able to partake in a completely audible conversation with your fellow club guests. Whereas other clubs are charged with blatant sexuality, 1OAK focuses more on having guests co-mingle and focus their attention on the conversation pieces that decorate this intricately designed space.

1OAK go go dancer

With an emphasis on style and intimate settings, 1OAK represents a new direction for nightclubs in Las Vegas. It is a near guarantee that the inclusion of 1OAK in Las Vegas’ club’s life will spark the rise of many similar venues, where the party atmosphere is toned down to accommodate quieter settings.