Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rca bachelor

A Tropical Bachelor Paradise

Mansion-like Villas, lush green canopies, serene fields of green, white sanded beaches – on their own, each of these components simply act as sporadic photo opportunities for the passer-by vacationer. When combined into one packaged deal, though, these are the makings of an experience rivaled only by a fictional Hollywood story. In Costa Rica, each of these scenic and practical settings make for the perfect destination bachelor party. If you’re looking to forego the normals of a mainland bachelor party and are looking for something with a bit more of an adrenaline rush, a Costa Rican bachelor party will deliver the goods.

Live Like a Movie Star

At the heart of your party is going to be your temporary place of residence. You do have the option of staying in a normal hotel, where you have to trek down long hallways just to get a glass of ice; or, you can do things the right way and rent out one of the country’s oversized, mansion-like villas. With space to fit up to 25 fellow party guests, these villa’s offer the perfect space for you to celebrate your last “guy’s night” as a single man.

A private pool acts as the center of the entertainment while a full-sized gourmet kitchen, separate game room, and oversized indoor and outdoor dining areas bring practicality to the villas layout. Enjoy being five minutes from the nearest city and in close proximity to everything the city has to offer.

Party Like a Rockstar

Since you’ll be partying in a tropical getaway, you can expect to be in the company of some well-tanned, oiled beauties. At the Plankton Club and Le Loft Club, you’ll be able to dance the night away with a vast range of gorgeous sun-kissed, Caribbean girls. Guzzle down a few tropical beverages and let your inhibitions go as your body moves in response to the slew of hot music.

Take the party into the fresh air on one of Costa Rica’s beautiful white sanded beaches. The nightclub atmosphere will carry over flawlessly to this oceanside space, mixing the best of a Caribbean party and what nature has to offer. Charter yourself a party boat and take the party onto the crisp blue water’s of the Pacific Ocean.

Cowards Need Not Apply

For those bachelor’s seeking for one last adrenaline rush, Costa Rica is home to the perfect landscape and scenery for a lengthy ATV tour. Gather your best men and revel in a cool breeze and splashing mud as you traverse the extensive flatlands and lush jungles of Costa Rica. At the end of your ride, you’ll find yourself in the midst of the perfect photo opportunity at the base of an exotic waterfall. Get your fill of adrenaline and climb to the top of the waterfall before taking a leap of faith into the wading pool below. For a water view of the tropical location, take to the rapids of Costa Rica and brave the rough waters in between segments of calm and serene rafting.

To get the perfect view of the Costa Rican jungle, you’ll want to partake in the canopy Zip Line Tour. Glide through the top of the jungle and enjoy as Costa Rica’s exotic wildlife and fauna passes you by. Stop and take a photo of your surrounding environ atop the tour’s frequent checkpoints.

Don’t settle for a boring bachelor party. Entrust Costa Rica with your last party as a single, free man.


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