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Seeing as how Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, it should come as no surprise the amount of stress that comes from having to plan an event out in Sin City. If you’re finding yourself lost in the unfamiliar sea of elegant nightclubs, provocative strip clubs, and five-star shows and are itching for that VIP feel, than a trip through Area 51 may be exactly what you need – for if you were to be granted entry into Area 51, you’d be the world’s biggest VIP.

Here at Area 51 VIP, we strive to create the best, personalized experience for each of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a quiet night on the town at a five-star restaurant with your friends or can’t wait to party hard at a Las Vegas strip club, Area 51 VIP can create your own perfect night out. Area 51 VIP can take the hassle out of crowded nightclub lines, replacing the time you would have been spent waiting with an extra hour at your party’s VIP Table. Area 51 VIP works with Las Vegas’ top clubs including TAO, Ghostbar, Pure, Tryst, Drais, and Rain to turn you from being just a face in the crowd to being full blown VIP. You can expect all eyes to be on you as you arrive in style in a potential variety of stretch limousines and party busses that are sure to make people question whether they’ve seen you before. Want to spend your night nightclub-hopping? Area 51 VIP can arrange for transportation between multiple locations.

Las Vegas VIP Parties

Dubbed the entertainment capital of the nation, Las Vegas is known for its exclusive bachelor parties and amazing resources for the best entertainment in the nation.  Las Vegas nightclubs are filled wall to wall with some of the most beautiful local celebrities and our Las Vegas nightclubs offer supreme VIP treatment. It’s a well-known fact that the Vegas VIP night clubs experiences, that are a common commodity in our fabulous city of Las Vegas, are not easily obtained. Las Vegas security guards are some of the best trained in the nation and are trained to ensure that only the regulars and rewarded, “high limit gamblers are allowed through the front doors.

Stuck planning your best friend’s bachelor / bachelorette party? Let Area 51 VIP take on all the stress. From five-star hotel accommodations to a selection of strip show entertainment, your bride / groom is bound to be indebted to you. Want to take the party to a specific club to find your favorite girl? Area 51 VIP can arrange for VIP access to most of Sin City’s top rated strip clubs. Premium packages can come with anything from a free round of drinks to access to a one hour open bar. Corporate events and business meetings are made easy as the mysticism behind the Area 51 military base carries over into this company’s ability to also plan every aspect of the perfectly appropriate event. Golf outings and business luncheons take on the VIP feel when planned by a company that knows exactly what they’re doing.

From five-star birthday parties to the most uninhibited of bachelor / bachelorette parties, the crew at Area 51 VIP can create a night on the town that is out of this world. Though you may wake up the next morning questioning whether you could have been abducted, you’ll have no qualms with calling Area 51 VIP to plan your next event. Before you go through the planning process alone, give the crew at Area 51 VIP a call and put complete faith in the fact that you won’t regret working with them.

Las Vegas nightclubs

Hundreds of locals and visitors complain for the respect that they believe they deserve. We think you deserve the respect as well. We can get you in at a very reasonable price. Here at Vegas area 51 vip we arrange all of your Las Vegas Nightlife entertainment needs ahead of time, and take on the responsibility of making sure you have an amazing experience, and that all of your Las Vegas needs are set up prior.

We contact the nightclubs, restaurants, transportation companies, show production companies, casino VIP hosts, and the best golf courses to ensure your experience is everything in VIP style.

Due to prearranged agreements that have been created with each particular vendor we can get you the best online price for all Las Vegas VIP services available. We have spent years of trial and error to develop relationships that will allow you or your group walk to the front of the line and be granted access immediately, without waiting!!!

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Nightclub Lines

As it has been said many times before, nightclub lines are for losers, and are mainly for nightclub appeal. Usually the losers’ will never gain entrance to the nightclub before they meet capacity. Let us show you how to arrive in style and pull up in a stretch limousine with a handsome host or beautiful hostess to escort your group to the front of the line. You’ll gain immediate access as you turn around and wave the line goodbye.

Led within the velvet walls of the most beautiful nightclub, let us offer you our VIP reservation service, where you can reserve a table and bottle for the entire evening with your own personal server. Your friends, family, or co-workers will be thanking you for the most amazing time of their lives. You’ll be giving yourself a pat on the back for arranging seating reservations so you always had a place to sit after dancing and partying like a rock star for several hours nonstop. Believe us when we say we know this better than anyone else in Las Vegas.

Why The Name area 51 VIP?

Las Vegas area 51 is a secret government base in Rachel, NV where it is known that top secret government research is being conducted and alien sightings have even been claimed. For a long time the government even denied that it has existed, hundreds of movies have been based on this phenomenon and even on trespassing through the real area 51 hundreds of guards dressed in black are known to detain you with guns and are trained that the trespassers may be shot at will. It is impossible to get into Area 51. Our companies name was based off the fact that if there was a common person that was granted access to area 51, (like Will Smith in independence day), they truly would be a VIP. Not just a VIP! An area 51 VIP! That’s what we want to make you! Let us grant you access to the hottest spots with our special relationships. Learn more about our nightclub options, Las Vegas bachelor party packages and VIP Services. By the time you leave Las Vegas or any of our nightclubs we’ll have you saying, “It wasn’t just VIP, it was area 51 VIP”